EMCIS 2005 Proceedings

ISBN: 0-9729562-7-1



Resistance to Adoption of an OO Software Engineering Process: an empirical study


Magdy Kodsy Serour, Brian Henderson-Sellers


University of Technology, Sydney, Australia




Exploring the Relationship between Software Development Processes and IT based Business Innovation. a quantitative study in Norway


Bendik Bygstad, Asle FagerstrÝm
The Norwegian School of Information Technology, Norway




Enhancing Organizational Performance through IS/IT Management


Juha Kontio


Turku Polytechnic, Telecommunications and E-Business, Finland




The Behavioral Perspective Model: a proposed theoretical framework to understand and predict online consumer behavior


Asle FagerstrÝm


The Norwegian School of Information Technology, Norway




Internet Based Construction Project Quality Management System


Martin Skitmore


Queensland University of Technology, Australia




Exploiting Customer Relationship Management for Taiwan’s Banking Industry


Han-yuh Liu


National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan




Investigating IT-Business Alignment in an Egyptian Medium-Sized Enterprise


Nahed Azab


The American University in Cairo, Egypt          




ezDataMiner and Strategic Advantages of Data Mining


Dean Amo; Christian Bassell; Mirianne D'Onofrio; Andrew Jambor; Moheb Kasem; Olga Petkova


Central Connecticut State University, USA




IT Outsourcing Trends in Malaysia: an insight


Ainin Sulaiman, Noor Ismawati Jaafar, Leslie Ho


University of Malaya, Malaysia




The Utilization of ICT in Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Egypt


Yehia Mortagy, Seta Whitby
University of La Verne, USA




A Framework for Implementing Digital Information for Life Long Electronic Archives in Construction Engineering


R Gyampoh-Vidogah, Robert Moreton


University of Wolverhampton, School of Computing and IT, UK




Does the Knowledge Management have a sense for the Small Companies? The storytelling between craftspeople


Carole Marti, Bernard Fallery


Universitť Montpellier 2 - CREGO, France




Ontology of Knowledge Management Systems Elements
  Abou-Bakr A. Moteleb
Mark Woodman
Middlesex University, UK
Galal Galal-Edeen
Cairo University, Egypt
Walaa Bakry
Middlesex University, UK



Recover from Information System Failure: an Indonesian case study
Samiaji Sarosa

Didar Zowghi
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia




A Survey of Critical Success Factors in e-Banking


Mahmood Shah


Cranfield University, UK




Development of Information Technology Bringing New Trend for Business


Keizo Baba


Kochi University Technology, Japan




Success of ERP Systems in Chile: an empirical study


Patricio Ramirez


Playa Ancha University, Chile
Rosario Garcia
Seville University
, Spain




The Phenomenon of Distribution in Software Development Projects


Dorina C. Gumm


University of Hamburg, Germany




Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation in the Egyptian Organizational Context


Mohamed Hassan Rasmy, Assem Tharwat, Sondoss Ashraf Abd El Aziz


Cairo University, Egypt




E-government: a new vision for success


Hany Abdelghaffar, Walaa Bakry, Penny Duquenoy


Middlesex University, UK




Accommodating Inter-generational Stakeholders in a Campus Portal


Tharitpong Fuangvut


Hasan Helen


University of Wollongong, Australia




Effective Organizations Need Effective IS Graduates


Barbara Howell


Leeds Metropolitan University, UK




A Multicasting Security Framework for SNMPv3


Salah Aly


Texas A&M University, USA


Hani Abu-Salem


DePaul University, USA


Mohammad Taha M. Abu-Kreisha


Cairo University, Egypt




Building a Joint Information System


Raija Halonen


University of Oulu, Finland




The Digital Divide: A Case Study of a United States


Janice C. Sipior, Burke T. Ward


Villanova University, USA


Linda Volonino


Canisius College, USA


Joanna Z. Marzec


Villanova University, USA




Revitalising Executive Information Systems Design and Development


Vincent K Ong


University of Luton, UK




Cultural universality versus particularity within eCRM systems: a special case of information systems


Maged Ali and Sarmad Alshawi


Brunel University, UK




A Generic Business Modelling Framework for Integrating Organisational, Social and Information Systems Concepts


Nadia Amin

Harrow Business School

University of Westminster, UK


Pericles Loucopoulos

School of Informatics

University of Manchester, UK





How can eGovernment Transform the Society?


Sherif Kamel

American University in Cairo, Egypt






Could Knowledge Management Provide an Organization with a Competitive Advantage?


Ahmed Taher

American University in Cairo, Egypt


Dina Ismail El-Kayaly

Ministry oh Health, Egypt